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Custom-built container solutions for housing.

DC-Supply A/S – Danish Container Supply provides the solution for modern, comfortable housing in custom-built containers, for any environment – designed and produced to meet even very challenging needs or demands. We have the expertise and experience necessary for custom built housing solutions in locations such as Greenland and the Faroe Islands. Likewise – we have also delivered several container modules for housing in the Middle East and on the African continent.
We can deliver housing solutions in custom-built containers for both civilian and military use. A custom built container solution for housing is always developed in a close collaboration with the customer. We always strive, not only to meet, but to exceed expectations. Rest assured that with us – you will receive an innovative housing solution, optimised and tailored to your specific needs, yet at the same time, cost-effectively matching all requirements.
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Housing containers from DC-Supply A/S:

Modular containers

Modular containers

There is no limit to the areas of use when it comes to modular containers

Offshore Residential Rooms

Offshore Residential Rooms

DC-Supply designed and delivered many residential, service, and welfare modules for Maersk rigs, such as cable installment and supply ships. All based on 20ft ISO containers specifically designed for shipping.

Container Accommodations

Container Accommodations

Bane Denmark’s responsibilities consist of maintenance, renewal, and expansion of the railway network. For this work, train cars are obviously needed to transport the workers and equipment to the places where the rail network is to be repaired and serviced.

We sell solutions for both mobile and more permanent housing

Housing in custom built container solutions can be established in mobile as well as in more permanent versions. For military applications, we often provide highly specialised mobile housing – able to be transported and moved to any location, anywhere in the world, as needed. For civilian purposes, we mainly build more permanent housing, but naturally also offer mobile and other flexible solutions should the need arise. They too can be moved when and to where they are needed.

Whether a housing solution needs to be mobile or permanent, our level of expertise and experience in specific climate and foundation adaptation, with many years of experience establishing housing facilities and accommodation in various locations throughout the world, where often it is not possible or feasible to connect to normal supply networks or sewerage, Greenland or Uganda for example. All this gives us the know-how and knowledge, guaranteeing a seamless setup and installation.

If you are planning to establish facilities for housing – no matter the location, anywhere in the world – contact DC-Supply to discuss the many possibilities with custom built container solutions. Our experienced staff is ready and looking forward to helping you with your unique project.


Contact us - we are read to help.

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