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Security container for military applications

DC-Supply designs, manufactures and can custom build robust security containers, ready to store ammunition, for weapon and / or spare part storage, as workshops etc. – for almost any conceivable military application or use.
Security container for military applications
Security container for military applications
Security container for military applications
A security container is a secure, angle grinder proof container lined with panels that demolish the cutting disc or blade if you attempt to gain unlawful access. Together with an effective lock bracket solution, approved to the highest insurance class 5 – I.e. the Mavako 3800i or Flexlock XL – this makes it very difficult to break into the container. Furthermore – the interior wall panels are built with fire-retardant sandwich panels in place.

If the security container is to be used for the storage of ammunition, it is specifically custom built to comply with strict safety requirements. The container comes equipped with an efficient air conditioning system with sensors ensuring the correct desired temperature, that regulate humidity and ensure frost-free storage. All panels, doors etc. are grounded to prevent static electricity discharges. The same solutions are implemented in security containers for weapon storage, where the container can also be fitted with shelves and lockable storage cage for safe storage of specialist equipment as well as extremely flexible weapon shelves designed for several different types of weapons, including among others, a grounded (earthed) rail system with fixed mounting shelves.

All electrical installations and other electronics in a security container are carried out in accordance with the European Machinery Directive, and are thus always designed for maximum safety. Typically, this means that the system is equipped with an acoustic alarm sounding error message system, and a continuous ongoing, monitoring of all active systems and operating conditions.

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