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Canteen containers

DC-Supply A / S manufactures and supplies custom-built canteen containers for kitchen and temporary canteen facilities. All our solutions are available either in connection with regular sales or in the form of a lease or lease agreement.

For example, if your company is renovating existing kitchen or canteen facilities, you can purchase or rent a temporary solution at DC-Supply A / S, which can be quickly and easily installed near existing building. The size of a canteen container can of course be varied as needed, and with the possibility of serialising the containers, the flexibility is very large. DC-Supply A / S has thus delivered canteen container solutions with the ability to cook up to 400 men at once!

Mobile canteen

Mobile canteen

At DC-Supply, we produce kitchen and canteen facilities for both leasing and general sales.

Buy or rent canteen containers

If you are in the market for a canteen container or general canteen facilities, you may want to take a closer look at DC-Supply’s selection. We offer various sized solutions in canteen containers for both large and smaller projects. Whether you require a small kitchen for your accommodation container providing you with even more uses, or perhaps you need a container configured as a larger kitchen or temporary canteen facilities, we can most likely offer you a solution that meets your specific needs.

Whatever solution you need, we offer a reliable canteen solution that is easily and effortlessly set up. We manufacture and supply canteen containers that can be customised to a large degree and also custom built – tailoring them to meet the need in any given situation.

With DC-Supply, you can either buy or rent the canteen containers when needed. If you have any questions regarding the options, buying or renting – or just want more information about the range, you can always contact us. Our staff are ready, and will gladly help and advise you, guiding you to the best solution for your canteen container project.

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