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Our history.

Founded in 1981 as Danish Camp Supply A/S, DC-Supply has years of experience designing, building and delivering mobile container solutions for military applications and civilian uses worldwide – from Greenland to Africa.

In March 2011, we changed our name from Danish Container Supply A/S to DC-Supply A/S. Throughout the years, the company has always been based in Noerresundby, the northern part of Denmark. Here we have our in-house production, and we are in close proximity to Denmark’s third largest airport, as well as international port facilities connecting us to the entire world – allowing for easy access to transport and distribution.

DC-Supply A/S: Our history

Experienced supplier


For over 40 years DC-Supply A/S has consistently honed our skills, always learning, evolving from experience – developing the expertise needed for supplying custom-built containers to the civil and military market.

All of our solutions come with subsequent follow-up and service, with our employees ready to attend to needs and demands regardless of skills required.

We follow through, ensuring a well-executed project, delivered on time – every time.

DC-Supply A/S - Our history

Business areas


DC-Supply A/S concentrates on five areas of business that relate to the ongoing support of our customers all over the world:

1. Custom-built container solutions

2. Prefabricated container solutions

3. Industrial Agreement/Offset Obligations Business

4. Agencies

5. After sales and service anywhere in the world

DC-Supply A/S - Virkelyst 8 - DK-9400 Noerresundby


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