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10 ft containers.

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At DC-Supply A/S – Danish Container Supply we offer 10 ft containers as standard containers for e.g. extra storage or warehouse facilities, as refrigeration and freezer containers and as offshore containers. A 10 ft container does not take up much space on the construction site and has fork pockets, so it is easy to tow around with a forklift. Despite the small size, a 10 ft container actually offers a full 15 m3 volume.

As for storage or transport of temperature sensitive goods, our 10 ft containers in reefer version are a very good solution. Often they are ideal for large kitchens, grocery stores, events and festivals where extra refrigeration or freezing capacity is required. DC-Supply A/S also delivers 10 ft containers for offshore use. Our ISO containers with CSC approval are in a very robust design and are manufactured to withstand years of diligent use. In order to cope with the harsh conditions at sea, offshore containers are designed to withstand forces, other types of containers cannot, and thus they are both stronger and thicker than a standard container.

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10 ft containers from DC-Supply A/S:

10 ft containers for many areas and business types

Our wide selection of popular 10 ft containers meet the needs and demands for many areas and industries. We aim to always have 10 ft standard containers either in stock or on the way, they are both for sale and rent. At DC-Supply A/S, we always guarantee a fast, efficient delivery of any of our 10 ft standard containers to your desired location.

If you are looking for a 10 ft custom container, be it in the form of a refrigerated container, an insulated container or an offshore container – or perhaps something entirely different – feel free to ask for more information, enquire about delivery time or other options.

At DC-Supply A/S, we have several different types of 10 ft containers available to buy or rent. Our experienced staff will be happy to help you with any further information regarding exactly the type of container you are looking for – contact us today and we will find the optimal solution for your specific needs.

FAQ about10 ft containers

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    How big is a 10 ft container?

    A 10 ft standard ISO container from DC-Supply has an exterior length of 2991 mm, is 2438mm wide and 2591 mm high. The container has a cubic capacity of 15 m3.
    See the full specifications, dimensions and weight of 10 ft containers as well as others here:

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    What does a 10 ft container cost?

    The price of a 10 ft container depends on several things – is the container insulated, built as a refrigerated container, or perhaps it has side door access etc. At DC-Supply you will always receive a very competitive quote on 10 ft containers – please contact our sales team by phone +45 70231380 or fill out the contact form here: https://www.dc-supply.dk/en/containers-for-rent-and-for-sale/contact-us/

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    Do you have 10 foot containers for offshore use?

    Yes, DC-Supply can provide 10 ft containers for offshore use. These can be supplied either as a 10 ft Norsok container or perhaps a 10 ft high cube container is better suited for your needs. Both options include chain sling and CSC approval.
    See more about offshore Norsok containers here:
    See more about offshore high cube containers here:

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    Can a 10 f container be delivered as a refrigeration container?

    Yes, at DC-Supply you can buy or rent dedicated 10, 20 and 40 foot refrigeration or freezer (reefer) containers. The reefer containers come fully insulated and with a freezer unit intended for transport and storage of temperature-sensitive goods.
    See more about reefer containers here:


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