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40 ft High Cube containers.

Item no. 103640

A 40-ft High Cube (HC) container from DC-Supply A/S – Danish Container Supply offers a volume of 73 m3 with the possibility of 26,000 kg max load. There is ample space here for almost all kinds of goods – even things that are taller than most usual items! With more than 30 cm extra height compared to a standard 40-ft container, the high cube version gives you the ideal opportunity to both store and transport oversized goods.

With us you can either buy or rent 40-ft high cube containers – contact our sales team for current prices and delivery times.

40 ft High Cube containers
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High Cube containers from DC-Supply A/S:

40 ft high cube container – request a quote


Hos DC-Supply A/S får du altid gode priser på 40 fods high cube containere, når du har brug for en container, der kan anvendes til lagring eller transport af større gods. Kontakt os gerne allerede i dag for at høre nærmere omkring muligheder, priser og leveringshorisont – vi er klar med et godt tilbud på din 40 fods HC container.

Bemærk også: Uanset hvilken størrelse container, du søger, kan vi enten levere enten en standardløsning eller bygge en specielt til dig og din virksomhed.


DC-Supply A/S - Buy or rent 40 y High Cube Containers

40-ft high cube container – the ideal solution for oversized goods

If you need to store or transport large machinery or other oversized goods, you could consider taking a look at the many options a 40-foot high cube container provides. You get high ceilings and a full 28 m2 of floor space, so you have plenty of room for most things. If you are storing temperature-sensitive goods, we also offer 40-ft high cube containers in an insulated version, without you loosing much of the interior height. You can see all the facts about container dimensions and weight here.

At DC-Supply A/S, you always get high cube containers in absolute top quality – robust and solid, ready for many years of diligent use. Our helpful team is ready to advise on your particular project and challenges, so that you get the best possible container solutions. Please also note that we offer the vast majority of our product range to either buy or rent, just as we can also deliver your container in Greenland.


Contact us - we are read to help.

Our strong experienced team is ready to support and advise you with your next container project. Please get in touch, if you would like to know more.

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