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Customised office modules

At DC-Supply, we build customised office container modules in accordance with the individual customer’s wishes and needs – this applies not only to size (length, height, width) but also assembly of several modules as well as the installation of kitchen, bathroom or toilets, just to name a few of the many options available.

Customised office modules
Customised office modules
Customised office modules

Individual solutions with customised office modules

As an example, for a contractor, we built a customised multi story office from modules measuring 3.5 x 7 meters with builtin kitchens. The container modules were delivered to the customer in the RAL color of their choice, which also matches the company’s visual identity. All units have the company logo applied, so that the office modules are easily recognizable and give the company excellent exposure on the construction site.

Customised office modules are built on the basis of standard container modules – these units are sometimes also known as prefabricated containers, prefabricated modules or pavilions. The use of standard container modules enables the production time to be considerably shorter, and at DC-Supply with our expertise – we can tailor these solutions to almost the same extent as ISO containers in our own workshop.

The office modules can be stacked (as shown in the example supplied to the contractor company), enabling a multi-story solution implemented directly on site – we also offer a custom developed stair system – specifically designed with a focus on safety and easy handling.

If you need to expand your office facilities – at DC-Supply, our experienced staff will be happy to assist, consult and supervise, providing you with the best solution available in customized office modules. Contact us today – so that we can gladly help you get your project on track.

Give us a call or send an email if you have any questions, or would like advice. We are ready to help.
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