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Command Center for ESBERN SNARE

The ESBERN SNARE is a support ship for the Navy’s command ship, the ABSALON, which patrols the Gulf of Aden off the coast of Somalia.
Kommandocenter Esbern Snare
Esbern Snare
Kommandocenter Esbern Snare
The Esbern Snare needed a facility which could be put up on the deck of the ship. The facility was to act as a kind of office and command center, where meetings and briefings could be held. The facility had to be established on the deck of the ship.

DC-Supply provided a solution with seven custom-built containers that were built into one unit. With this container solution, the Danish navy got a mobile and flexible solution that could be moved around the ships as needed. The container had built-in steel frames for the installation of air conditioning, and was designed with an effective dehumidifier.

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