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Communications container.

The communications container from DC-Supply A/S – Danish Container Supply is a custom built, three-in-one container designed and optimised to provide a large and flexible workspace.

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Flexible 3-in-1 communications container

The communications container consists of a 20ft-based frame structure, where the sides can be pulled out. This produces a large, flat floor area of over 32 m2. The walls are made of strong and lightweight sandwich panels in fire-retardant material. The container has a remote-control hydraulic system for easy and quick container expansion and contraction. It is also equipped with a manual hand pump for expansion and contraction of the side boxes in the event of a power failure. The container has a highly flexible design with ten insulated doors, including folding doors. All doors have windows with efficient, interior enabled blackout function. The container can be interconnected with other three-in-one containers through passageways and walkways to form a large headquarter or communications centre. When connecting two communications containers via passageways, a floor area of 70 m2 is achieved. An efficient air conditioner ensures correct temperature and distribution of air without discomfort for the personnel. A large number of power and data sockets in the ceiling provide maximum flexibility and minimise loose cables, and the like, on the floor. A large number of electricity-saving light sources provide comfortable and optimal illumination of the entire container’s floor area. In the case of power failure, a backup generator will illuminate the container.  

  • CSC-approved and can therefore be transported around the world. No bigger than a 20ft container when being transported
  • Cargo area of 6 m2 in transport mode for storage of fixtures
  • Wall and ceiling mounted C-rails for flexible mounting of fixtures, lamps, and other equipment
  • Exterior terminal box for optional extra power supply
  • Floor area covered with bright, durable and easy-to-clean vinyl


  • Stairs with repo for use with the container placed on a truck
  • Entranceway and walkway for joining two communications containers
  • Passageway and walkway for interconnecting doors on two containers
  • Illuminated door entranceways for optimal egress/ingress of personnel without light penetration of the blacked-out container

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