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Complete container solutions

DC-Supply A/S designs, produces and delivers custom-built container solutions and standard containers for both civilian and military purposes all over the world – and we have been doing just that since 1981.

Faroe Islands: Custom-built container with internal staircase

Faroe Islands: Custom-built container with internal staircase

Recent case

12 March 2024:
Developed as an extension to an existing container-based salmon slaughterhouse, DC-Supply A/S – Danish Container Supply has now supplemented the production facilities for a customer in the Faroe Islands. This time, we have built and delivered a unique container solution in two stories with an internal spiral staircase.

Containers for any situation.

At our in-house production facility, located at our headquarters in Nørresundby close to Aalborg, we produce our customised container solutions in close cooperation with our customers.

Furthermore, we have a variety of agencies for container locks and accessories, such as alarms, lighting, and hinge securing.

Our values place the customer at the forefront of our efforts, and we aim to not only please our customers but to exceed their expectations.

Containers for any situation

We offer:

Custom-built containers


Custom-built containers for any need

Custom-built containers are an integral part of DC-Supply A/S. Throughout the years, we have delivered mobile container solutions for a variety of purposes. The solutions are always specialised and customised to fit the customer’s needs.

Container sales and container rentals


Buy or rent a container – we deliver and pick up

The selling and renting of containers is a large aspect of the day-to-day at DC-Supply A/S. We sell and rent mobile container solutions, both empty containers and customised containers, all over the world.

Mobile kitchen - best mobile kitchens n Denmark


Mobile kitchen – Denmark’s best mobile kitchen containers

Need to feed up to 400 hungry guests? No problem with mobile kitchens from DC-Supply A/S! The kitchens can be expanded as needed, and contain everything for running a professional commercial kitchen.

Container modules


Flexible solutions with container modules, standard or customised

Container modules are also known as prefabricated containers, prefabs and pavilions. At DC-Supply A/S, we offer both standard container modules and customised solutions.

Find inspiration

Our large product range includes both custom-built containers, fitted as well as empty containers for sale and rent. Search our cases and find inspiration for your own container project:

News from DC-Supply A/S:

Book a container – buy or rent.

Buy or rent a container from DC-Supply A/S.

We offer containers for sale or for rent for private and commercial as well as military purposes. With us you will find both robust standard containers, container modules and custom-built containers.

Buy or rent containers from DC-Suppy A/S

No distance too far

DC-Supply A/S delivers container solutions worldwide – even as far apart as Greenland, the Faeroe Islands, and Uganda, Africa. No distance too far – and no too near.

We are specialists in designing and building functional custom-built container solutions for geographical conditions that are difficult to access and do not offer the possibility of connection to the supply network in general – for example when it comes to lack of sewerage or electricity supply.

About DC-Supply A/S – Danish Container Supply.

Our experienced staff included engineers, construction managers, architects, smiths, and carpenters, as well as administrative personnel. We take pride in the delivery of exceptional work.

A high level of technical knowledge, skills, and experience enables us to construct and produce unique mobile custom-built container solutions to a very high standard. The quality of our work is certified according to ISO 9001:2015.

Due to the varied solutions we produce, be it an empty standard ISO container or a highly specialised solution, we make sure to closely supervise all of our projects, regardless of size, up until delivery. We want our customers to feel confident that we can deliver both an innovative and cost-efficient solutions that fit their specific needs.

DC-Supply A/S in-house container production


Contact us - we are read to help.

Our strong experienced team is ready to support and advise you with your next container project. Please get in touch, if you would like to know more.

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