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Empty containers

DC-Supply delivers a wide range of empty containers, both new and used. Almost all empty containers are available in different colours, as it is also possible to get a container with your company’s own logo.

Most of DC-Supply’s empty containers come with CSC approval, so if transport by sea is in the picture, we can rebuild and re-certify the container for you. Likewise, we offer a larger range of offshore models, all designed to defy the rough conditions at sea, and therefore, they are even more robust than the standard containers.

20ft Container with Side Doors

The container has both the standard container doors in the gable as well as a door on the long side. The side door container has full side opening and is suitable when there is a need for full access.

Container platform 20 & 40 ft

The platform standard, available in 20ft or 40ft ISO containers with CSC approval, does not have sides, ends, or a roof. They are therefore used to transport oversized cargo that does not fit in the other container types.

20ft & 40ft Open Top Container

The standard 20ft and 40ft open top containers with CSC approval are particularly suitable for loading cargo with excess height.

8ft Environment Container

Our 8ft environment container is custom built for the storage of environmentally hazardous waste, such as chemicals, paint, waste oil, etc.

20ft & 40ft Containers

At DC-Supply, we can deliver both new and used containers, respectively 20 and 40ft ISO with CSC approval.

If the goods are subject to regulated temperatures, DC-Supply offers both insulated containers in several models and versions, as well as delivery with refrigeration-freezing systems. In connection with storage or transportation of moisture and temperature sensitive goods, we would like to help you with a reasonable solution – as we have extensive experience in delivering containers for example festivals, events, big kitchens and grocery stores.

Empty containers are usually used for storage or extra storage space. At the construction site, containers with fork pockets, for example, make handling easy and safe, as well as side door containers with full side opening is suitable when full access is necessary in connection with ie. window restoration.

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