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Kitchen containers.

The possibilities are endless With a kitchen container from  DC-Supply A/S- Danish Container Supply.

For us, it’s not just a kitchen, but also the possibility of calculating warehouse and canteen facilities, as well as fridge and freezer – or what about a ramp for goods receipt?

If you need a really large kitchen, we can assemble and combine several kitchen containers into one single solution. Thus, for example, we can supply a mobile custom-built solution that can accommodate for up to 400 people – at one time! Whether it is a small or large kitchen container, we always deliver a solution that is fully equipped with professional kitchen equipment, tailored to your unique needs. We believe, that the kitchen staff should be able to move and work just as well as they would do in their usual professional kitchen.

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Kitchen containers from DC-Supply A/S:

Mobile canteen

Mobile canteen

At DC-Supply, we produce kitchen and canteen facilities for both leasing and general sales.

High quality kitchen container

When you need to expand your kitchen facilities – or perhaps establish a brand new kitchen solution – DC-Supply A/S offers a wide range of kitchen container models for many different types of projects. Whether you are looking for a smaller kitchen or a large kitchen and gally for serving and accommodating a large group of people, we can specify and build kitchen containers that fully meet any of your needs. Big or small, add-on or self contained – you decide the scope yourself! We ensure that you will quickly and easily have a functional and stable kitchen solution – delivered to literally any geographical destination or location that you want, even in Greenland! If you need a mobile solution that can be moved at a later date to be put into operation at another alternative location, then this is also possible with our flexible, mobile kitchen containers. If you would like to know more about kitchen containers, or perhaps you are curious about the various solutions, DC-Supply A/S has a sales team that is happy to help, finding the kitchen container solution that meets your specific business or organisations’ needs. Contact us today – we are always ready with advice and guidance.

FAQ about kitchen containers

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    How big is a kitchen container?

    A kitchen container from DC-Supply A/S can be built as large as you need. Regardless of the container’s size, we ensure that with a custom-built solution you get exactly the kitchen facilities you want and need – without compromising on quality. If the kitchen container is to be used on a construction site, our 20-ft models are very popular. They provide both a reasonably sized kitchen and are relatively easy to move around. Feel free to contact our experienced sales team if you need help clarifying how big your kitchen container solution should be. We are ready to take your call on +45 70231380.

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    How much does a kitchen container cost?

    The price of a kitchen container depends on several different parameters – for example both size, the degree of customisation and then of course which kitchen equipment you want delivered and installed in the container. At DC-Supply A/S, we custom build kitchen containers in many price ranges and sizes – you can also keep an eye on our second hand market, where you will often be able to find very good prices on second hand kitchen containers.

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    Can I rent a kitchen container?

    Yes, at DC-Supply A/S we also offer the option of renting fitted kitchen containers. We have, among other things, several different types of crew and kitchen containers for rent, and if you need a really large selection of equipment for catering for a lot of people, you can e.g. rent our commercial kitchen. If you would like to know more about which kitchen containers you can rent from us – including price and delivery time – please contact our sales team on tel. +45 70231380.


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