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Insulated 10ft, 20ft & 40ft Storage Containers – DCS 2065

At DC-Supply, we build specially designed 10ft, 20ft, and 40ft ISO insulated storage containers.
DCS 2065 interior measurements
5675 mm2152 mm2276 mm
Salg og leje af 20 og 40 fods containere
isoleret lagercontaier
isoleret lagercontainer udefra
A storage container is a flexible solution to the lack of space for both short and long periods of time. The container is easy to protect against theft by renting or purchasing one of our locking systems. An insulated storage container ensures that your products are safe and dry. It is suitable for the storage of moisture and temperature sensitive products. The container is practical, easy to move, and can be combined with other containers if more space is needed.

  • Suitable for a workshop or storage of temperature sensitive goods
  • Can be delivered with specially designed shelves
  • Optional installation of light fixture, fans, electric radiators

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