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Custom-built soundproof containers.

DC-Supply A/S – Danish Container Supply, designs and builds all kinds of soundproof custom containers for almost any industry or production facility. Our custom-built soundproof containers can also be adapted and supplied with various other functions built-in, such as collecting trays for liquid waste, electrical supply packages, LED ceiling luminaires, etc.

Also – if your custom-built soundproof container needs to be able to move and perhaps be transported between different operating locations, it can be built and supplied as a mobile solution. Here, the emphasis is placed on the container being easy to transport and- optionally – the possibility of connecting it to an external supply.

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Custom soundproof containers from DC-Supply A/S:

In-house production at DC-Supply A/S

Custom-built soundproof containers – specialised solutions

Soundproof custom-built containers from DC-Supply A/S can be provided as an entirely bespoke solution. This means that each and every container can be tailored to match any unique needs or demands that your company or organisation may have. If you would prefer to supply your own designs for a custom container project, then we are also happy to build from them. We have our own production facilities and workshop at the headquarters in Nørresundby close to Aalborg. Here, our experienced craftsmen build container solutions as per customers’ individual wishes and needs – taking pride in delivering craftsmanship in a class and league of its own. Throughout our entire organisation, we all aim to deliver unsurpassed expertise, managing both small and large projects quickly, effectively and professionally – meeting and often succeeding in goals set.

From a standard container to a custom-built solution

Our custom-built soundproof container solutions are often based on either a 20-ft or 40-ft standard ISO container. The standard container is then adapted according to plans with any cutouts or fabrications e.g. refrigeration systems, ventilation, doors, etc. that are needed. Also taken into consideration is the type of plant and/or machinery that will be operational inside the finished soundproof container. A custom-built soundproof container from DC-Supply A/S can be delivered anywhere in the world. As an example, we have several years of experience and expertise in delivering custom-built containers in Greenland. Furthermore, we always offer CSC-approval of custom-built container solutions. With our advantageous geographical location – close to the motorway, Denmark’s third-largest airport and international seaport facilities – we have easy access to transport and distribution anywhere needed.

How to purchase a custom-built soundproof container

When you want to buy one or more of our custom-built soundproof containers, just contact our sales team. Our experienced staff will help you from here on out – tailoring the solution to your needs. Our staff are also knowledgeable regarding finances and budget – helping you get exactly the result that you want, meeting your specific wishes – within budget.

FAQ about custom-built soundproofed containers

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    What sizes of containers can be soundproofed?

    By default, all sizes of containers can be fitted for noise reduction. Most often, however, these are 20- or 40-ft containers, as these are containers that must contain some form of production or industrial equipment that requires noise reduction for environmental reasons. If you are in doubt as to whether a soundproofed custom-built container is the solution for your project, please contact our experienced sales team on phone +45 70231380 or email info@dc-supply.dk.

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    How is a container soundproofed?

    To soundproof a container, the original ISO standard steel container is rebuilt and provided with different types of insulation and noise-reducing materials, depending on the type of noise reduction required. If you buy a soundproofed custom-built container from DC-Supply A/S, the solution can be fully customised, as we have our own production in our own workshop. Likewise, our technical department is happy to help with all kinds of calculations and strength tests.

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    Where can a soundproofed custom-built container be delivered?

    Soundproofed and noise-reducing custom-built containers from DC-Supply A/S can be delivered all over the world – and we have delivered container solutions from Greenland in the north to Africa in the south, to the USA and Canada in the west and Asia in the east. For us, no distance is too far – and none too near.


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