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Dogs Kennels in Afghanistan

When NATO goes into action, they have specially trained dogs with them.
Hundekennel til Afghanistan udefra
Hundekennel til Afghanistan
Indgang til hundekennel
When NATO goes into action, they have specially trained dogs with them. However, where should the dogs stay when not out on patrol? Naturally, they should stay in their own mobile dog kennel. NATO, however, had a difficult challenge, as they had to develop suitable kennel facilities for the dogs. The solution should, firstly, be mobile, and, secondly, provide the dogs with a safe environment regardless of weather conditions. It should also be a mobile solution that could be established relatively quickly and simply.

DC-Supply developed, produced and supplied these kennels for NATO. The kennels have both inside and outside areas. The inside of the kennel is capable of protecting the dogs from extremes of cold and heat. The kennel is also able to be connected to water, electricity and drains. Doors and entrance hatches are airtight. The same level of detail can be seen in the lighting as emergency lighting was implemented into the solution. Last but not least, the kennels are capable of withstanding harsh environments, which is why they were created from our ISO containers.

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