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Custom-built garage containers.

Containers are a smart and cost-effective solution when it comes to building a new garage. At DC-Supply A/S – Danish Container Supply, we build and supply garage containers for private individuals, companies and public organisations alike.
Standard ISO containers are an excellent alternative to traditional garages and carports – not only do containers provide fantastic protection against weather and wind, but they also offer formidable theft protection. Furthermore, containers are easily movable, making both planning work easier and also enabling you to place your garage in many more locations. On top of that, if you decide to move house at a later date – then you can take your garage with you!
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Garage containers from DC-Supply A/S:

Bespoke, purpose built garage container

Bespoke, purpose built garage container

DC-Supply designed, built and delivered a bespoke garage container solution, that’s spacious, very functional, and also safe, as well as visually appealing. The garage is insulated and has an electric garage door.

Bicycle library in a container

Bicycle library in a container

For landscape gardener OKNygaard A/S and architect Thing Brandt Landskab, DC-Supply has built a bicycle library made in a 20 ft high cube container.

Custom built bus garage in containers

Custom built bus garage in containers

For Aalborg Municipality’s project about the deployment of driverless buses in Aalborg East, DC-Supply has built a bus garage in special measurement containers.

Custom-built garage containers for all types of vehicles


Regardless of whether the garage container is to be used for daily parking of the family car, storing classic motorcycles or other vintage vehicles – or perhaps it is part of a larger garage complex for a bus company – DC-Supply A/S can adapt the solution so that it both delivers the functionally needed and also visually matches it’s surroundings. This could be using wooden cladding so that the garage fits nicely on your private plot – or perhaps you would like it to be painted in a specific colour that matches the surroundings, just as examples. The possibilities are almost endless, just as many different types of garage doors can be fitted, both electric and manual.

A custom built garage container from DC-Supply A/S is always based on your wishes and needs. We have the experience needed to design and produce almost any type of garage container, for both private individuals and companies. Whether you need to park a Lamborghini or a city bus, we offer an optimal solution, providing you with an excellent, secure environment for your vehicles.

Your new garage container can be insulated, and is available with special cladding both inside and out. Lighting, heating and water supply can also be installed – and if you need a workshop with storage facilities for spare parts or winter tires for example, then we can easily implement this into the garage design as well.

If you are considering or planning a new garage, do contact our experienced staff to learn more about the many options with garage containers that DC-Supply offers. We are ready to take care of your custom container needs and deliver a solution to you when and where you need it.

Custom-built garage containers from DC-Supply A/S

FAQ about garage containers

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    Which vehicles can be parked in a garage container?

    At DC-Supply A/S, you can get a custom-built garage container that fits exactly your needs and your vehicles. Perhaps the company or organization needs appropriate parking conditions where bicycles can be kept dry, perhaps the company has a number of goods or service vehicles, and it is optimal to keep them locked up at night – or perhaps you are a private individual who wants a container garage for your family car, vintage car or sports car. Regardless of the type of vehicle, we can build a container solution that meets your garage needs!

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    Can a garage container be moved?

    Yes, we can easily build your garage container so that the garage can be moved to another location at a later date.

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    Can a garage container be heated?

    Yes, a garage container can be supplied with e.g. electric radiators and/or heat pump, so that your vehicles can be parked dry and warm in the garage. Here, it would be appropriate to choose to insulate the container so that you get the most use out of the chosen heating method.

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    Can I get a power supply and light in a garage container?

    Yes, at DC-Supply A/S we can build your garage container with an electric package in our own workshop, so that you get both a breaker panel, ceiling lights and possibly electric radiators or other installations/fittings. We have also built garage containers with coloured LED lights, so in fact only your imagination sets the limits for what you want in terms of interior design and fittings in your garage container.


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