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Double door containers

DC-Supply A / S offers standard ISO double-door containers with 20-foot CSC approval, and in offshore models in sizes of both 10, 20 and high cube 20 ft. The offshore containers are also supplied including chain linkage.

Double-door containers have doors at both ends, giving full access to both loading and unloading of goods. Thus, this type of container is ideal for both transportation and storage. At the same time it is easy to handle and move as desired and needed.

Dual-door double-sided containers are typically used in the transport of goods, which may include general cargo containers, bulk containers, special containers, other equipment and gas cylinders. The container can be supplied with either wood and steel floors and is insured with DNV 2.7-1 certification.

Get a great deal on double door containers

At DC-Supply, we build double door containers in-house at our own workshop. We pride ourselves in that our containers are characterized by robust construction and high quality craftsmanship. Our double door containers come in several colors, just as the containers can be ordered with your own custom company logo on. There are many use options with a double door container – if you need it for extra storage facilities, you get easy access to your entire stock with a clear overview of all your inventory. If several containers are built together, or if you need to connect different areas on the construction site, the double door container can be used as a temporary tunnel. These are just examples, but with a double door container, you always get an extremely flexible container solution that can be put to use in countless ways.

If you would like more information about double door containers from DC-Supply, you are always welcome to contact our experienced staff. We are ready with competent advice and guidance and on your project, ensuring that you get the best solution – and always on time. Contact us today to receive a great deal on a double door container for your needs.

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