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40 ft containers.

DC-Supply A/S – Danish Container Supply delivers 40 ft containers, both as new and used ISO standard containers with CSC approval. We also offer flat rack, open top, high cube, double doors and side doors containers. Characteristic of all of them is a very robust performance, and whatever type of task we are dealing with, the containers will be able to cope with many years of diligent use.
The wide range of types and models in 40 ft containers means that a suitable solution can always be found, regardless of the size and type of goods. For example, to load freight ceilings, our open top container is a good solution, as it comes with removable tarpaulin roof that allows loading the goods from the top. Is the need for storage to handle temperature fluctuations to a greater or lesser extent, an insulated 40 ft container ensures dry storage of the goods throughout the winter months – without condensation.
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40 ft containers from DC-Supply A/S:

Container platform 20 & 40 ft

Container platform 20 & 40 ft

The platform standard, available in 20ft or 40ft ISO containers with CSC approval, does not have sides, ends, or a roof. They are therefore used to transport oversized cargo that does not fit in the other container types.

20ft & 40ft Open Top Container

20ft & 40ft Open Top Container

The standard 20ft and 40ft open top containers with CSC approval are particularly suitable for loading cargo with excess height.

Insulated Container – DCS 2062

Insulated Container – DCS 2062

Standard 20ft and 40ft insulated steel containers ensure that your products are kept dry all year without being exposed to condensation, even under extreme temperatures.

40 ft containers for private and business use

DC-Supply offers 40 ft containers for both private and business use. For private use, a 40 ft standard container can be a convenient solution to use as temporary storage of furniture or goods in connection with a redevelopment or extension of a house, or in connection with the transport of furniture and belongings over longer distances.

A 40 ft container solution for business and industrial use, can be delivered in the form of a standard container both for rent or to buy. We strive to stock 40 ft standard containers – and if we don’t have the specific model in stock, we can assure you, it is safely on the way. Thus, we can almost guarantee a short delivery time when dealing with DC-Supply A/S.

No matter for private or business – If you need advice or guidance on your project, we are always ready to help you with the ideal solution. Contact our experienced staff today and get a great deal on a 40 ft container solution.

FAQ about 40 ft containers

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    What are the dimensions of the 40 ft containers?

    A 40 ft standard ISO container from DC-Supply is 12192 mm long, 2438 mm wide and 2591 mm high (external dimensions). It has a cubic capacity of 66 m3.
    For the full specifications including dimensions and weight for both 40 ft and other containers, please see:

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    What types of 40 ft containers are available?

    DC-Supply offers 40 ft containers as both standard ISO containers, flatrack containers, and open top containers. High cube containers, double-door and side-door containers are all also readily available.

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    What is the delivery time for a 40 ft container?

    We strive to always have 40 ft standard ISO containers in stock – if a specific model is not in stock, it is most certainly on its way, ensuring that we have a very short delivery time frame for most containers supplied by DC-Supply. For an exact time frame do not hesitate to contact us.

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    How much does a 40 ft container cost?

    The total price of a 40 ft container depends on several things. The exact type needed, whether the container needs to be insulated or fitted with various accessories, etc. Contact DC-Supply’s sales team by phone +45 70231380 or e-mail info@dc-supply.dk for an attractive price quote on a 40 ft container that fits your specific needs. Alternatively request a quote for purchase or rent here:


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