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Custom-built offshore containers.

At DC-Supply A/S – Danish Container Supply we supply custom built offshore containers with CSC approval – these could be delivered in the form of production facilities, workshops, living and welfare facilities or something entirely different.
The offshore containers from DC-Supply A/S come in a very robust design and will withstand many years of diligent use, and can easily withstand even the harshest of weather conditions equipment sometimes has to endure at sea. Regardless of the purpose of the application our vast experience in tailoring containers for offshore use, enables us to always be ready with advice and guidance, so as to solve your specific offshore challenge.
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Offshore containers from DC-Supply A/S:

Mobile Fishing Plants in Containers

Mobile Fishing Plants in Containers

The customer needed a process and sorting unit for a fishing vessel. The equipment had to be mounted when the particular fishing season begins. The solution was built in containers.

Offshore Residential Rooms

Offshore Residential Rooms

DC-Supply A/S designed and delivered many residential, service, and welfare modules for Maersk rigs, such as cable installment and supply ships. All based on 20ft ISO containers specifically designed for shipping.

Custom-built control room for winch

Custom-built control room for winch

Rolls-Royce Marine needed special facilities that could serve as a control room to a winch on one of AP Moller Maersk’s ships. They needed a special solution that could be prepared on shore and transported by ship.

Specialists in offshore container solutions


All custom-built container solutions are calculated and designed by our own engineers, building designers and technical designers in our in-house technical department, – after final approval by the customer, the offshore container is then built at our in-house workshop by skilled and experienced craftsmen.

Throughout the process, we maintain a direct dialogue with the customer, so you are sure to receive the exact solution needed. Naturally, this also applies to certifications for offshore use such as CSC or DNV (De Norske Veritas) 2.7-1 certification.

If you would like to know more about the possibilities with offshore containers, you are always welcome to contact our sales department for a dialogue on how your wishes and requirements can be accommodated. Simply call us today and book an appointment!

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FAQ about custom-built offshore containers

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    What does CSC mean?

    CSC is an abbreviation, meaning “Container Safety Convention”. Containers used for international transport purposes must be approved and provided with a plate for safety approval in accordance with the International Convention on Safe Containers. DC-Supply A/S – Danish Container Supply, has many years of experience producing CSC-approved container solutions specialising in offshore custom construction.
    Read more about the history behind the Security Convention on the IMO (International Maritime Organization) website here:

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    What types of offshore custom builds do you offer?

    DC-Supply A/S – Danish Container Supply offers many kinds of custom-built container solutions specifically for offshore use. This could be residence, production, workshop and much more. Regardless of the application, the common denominator for all our offshore custom-built containers is that they are robust, built for many years of trouble-free use. If you want to know more about the many possibilities within offshore custom construction, please contact us by phone +45 70231380 or e-mail info@dc-supply.dk.

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    What is the process when I need a custom-built offshore container built?

    When you buy a custom-built offshore container from DC-Supply A/S – Danish Container Supply, the entire end to end process takes place through close dialogue. After the initial first contacts have been made, with the needs clarified and finances in place – our technical department (engineers, building designers and technical draftsmen) start with calculations and drawings. Once these are approved, the offshore container is custom-built in our own workshop by skilled and experienced craftsmen. Every job is followed closely every step of the way until final delivery has taken place and all requirements have been met. If you want to start an offshore container project, contact our sales department on telephone +45 70231380 or info@dc-supply.dk – we are here, ready to help!


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