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Refrigerator and freezer containers.

DC-Supply A/S – Danish Container Supply designs and builds containers for refrigeration and freezing for many different purposes.

We offer solutions for large kitchens and grocery stores, for placing in connection with containers for accommodation and housing, and much much more.

If the situation demands the use of a refrigeration container or freezer container, independent of external energy supplies, then we can also offer an environmentally friendly solution powered by solar cells and battery. We are also an experienced supplier delivering refrigerator and freezer container slutions in Greenland.
Custom-built refrigerator and freezer containers from DC-Supply A/S
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Refrigerator and freezer containers from DC-Supply A/S:

Temporary Kitchen Extension and Mobile Kitchens

Temporary Kitchen Extension and Mobile Kitchens

At Skansebadet in Nørresundby, they were in need of a larger kitchen. In collaboration with DC-Supply A/S, they were supplied with a kitchen module which was built together with the existing building.

Reefer container

Reefer container

When Fjord Line’s new ferry is leaving the dock in Hirtshals, custom-built containers from DC-Supply A/S helps ensure that the cold drinks and the clean linens are on time.

Mobile cooling storage

Mobile cooling storage

Color Line was missing a mobile cooling storing solution for the kitchens onboard their ferries between Hirtshals and Kristiansand.

We deliver 10, 20 and 40 ft reefers

Buy or rent refrigerator and freezer containers from us

Furthermore, we can supply and build containers for the refrigeration and freezing of food or other temperature-sensitive goods for transportation. For example, to the shipping company FjordLine, we have delivered a custom-built container-based solution, that while, onboard the company’s ferry, serves as both a cold storage and as a so-called picking warehouse. With transport related projects, we always consider any existing logistics systems with our solutions, so that you as a customer will achieve the greatest flexibility possible. We ensure this through a continuous dialogue, throughout both the initial purchase, as well as the production process.

Custom-built refrigerator and freezer containers

Containers for refrigeration and freezing from DC-Supply are all characterised by a very high degree of quality craftsmanship as well as technical innovation and smart thinking. All custom-built container solutions are calculated and designed in our inhouse technical department, where experienced engineers, building designers and technical designers take the utmost care of your project. When the budget and design of the project is approved by the customer – the skilled craftsmen at our own workshop take over and carry out the actual construction of your custom designed refrigeration container or freezer container.

FAQ about custom-built refrigerator and freezer containers

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    How much does a custom-built refrigerator container/freezer container cost?

    The price of a custom-built refrigerator container or freezer container (reefer) depends on several parameters such as size, design, refrigeration system and any fittings and accessories. If you need a custom-built solution for your cooling or freezing needs, contact our experienced sales team and discover the many options with custom-built containers. You can call us on +45 70231380 or write to us at info@dc-supply.dk.

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    How big is a refrigerator container/freezer container?

    Custom-built refrigerator containers and freezer containers from DC-Supply A/S are based on standard ISO containers, which we offer in 6, 8, 10, 20 and 40 ft sizes. When you buy a custom-built refrigerator container/freezer container, we can shorten or lengthen the container according to your needs, just as we can make it narrower or wider – if you e.g. require installation of special equipment or a specific form of storage for your temperature-sensitive goods.

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    Can a refrigerator container/freezer container be CSC approved?

    Yes, at DC-Supply A/S we offer CSC approval for refrigerator containers and freezer containers. We supply many custom-built refrigerator containers and freezer containers for use by shipping companies and offshore companies.


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