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Radar information container (RIC)

The radar information container is a custom-built solution, specifically developed and optimized for military operations, environments and tasks – no matter where in the world that may be.
Radar Information Container (RIC)
Radar Information Container (RIC)
Radar Information Container (RIC)
A radar information container from DC-Supply can be used as an advanced mobile unit and is optimised to be protected against outside surveillance, unwanted radio signals, radiation, hacking of IT equipment, radar or other communications. Additionally, the container-based solution also offers a radiation-free working environment, as well as being an easily transported – highly mobile solution, able to be transported on trucks, trains, ships or onboard aircraft. Furthermore, on request – the container can be delivered with ballistic protection up to mortar grenade level.

DC-Supply has over 35 years of experience as a civilian-military supplier of highly customizable stationary and mobile solutions for military purposes across the globe. We have delivered our radar information container in several different custom-built and specifically adapted versions – eg. also as self-powered stand-alone units for use in Asia.

All container solutions from DC-Supply are characterized by superior craftsmanship. With quality certification meeting ISO 9001:2015, we set high quality management standards and have a constant, deliberate focus on both internal development of products as well as constantly expanding our experienced staff’s competencies. Professionalism and also our very good cooperative abilities – enable us to produce and construct custom-built containers for nearly any military purposes to a very high technical degree and craft standard.

Further information and references regarding radar information container (RIC) are available upon request.

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