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Industry-specific container solutions.

DC-Supply A/S – Danish Container Supply designs, manufactures and sells all types of industry-specific containers, both for permanent placement and as mobile solutions.
In our R&D department, engineers and construction designers calculate, design and prepare the highly detailed draft drawings – ensuring that the technical foundation is accurate, in order, and up to standards. The assignment is then transferred for production at our own inhouse workshop. Here, our experienced craftsmen build your industry container solution delivering to you a result that will benefit your business for many years to come.
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Custom-built industry containers from DC-Supply A/S:

20ft gas supply unit

20ft gas supply unit

The facility was to be built according to the customer’s own drawings and provided with a gas-tight dividing wall. The customer requested an optimal solution that could secure their equipment.

Mobile test station

Mobile test station

Meneta’s challenges emerged from the lack of facilities in their overseas factories. They lacked equipment for product testing and safety checks. The solution had to be simple, convenient, portable, easy, and quick to erect.

Incinerator container

Incinerator container

Atlas Incinerators needed a mobile solution for burning waste oil and rubbish. DC-Supply A/S supplied a 20-ft purpose-built CSC-approved container with waste incineration plant.

DC-Supply A/S: Container solutions for all types of industry

Container solutions for all types of industry

An industry-specific container solution from DC-Supply A/S can be built to meet any of the demands of your specific industry or business – no matter the need or the circumstance. Solutions like – incinerators, gas supply units and various types of sound-proofed containers, are just a few examples of various industrial models that we have built. Furthermore, we have delivered several custom-built container solutions for industry-specific use in Greenland.

DC-Supply A/S: Industrial production in a custom-built container

Industrial production in a custom-built container

When your production line becomes excessively convoluted, or your business needs to expand its industrial facilities, a container based solution is both cost effective and efficient. With DC-Supply A/S, you have the opportunity to tailor the unit, customising it specifically for your particular business needs. Because we build all industry-specific solutions at our own workshop, you also benefit from a short order-to-delivery time frame – enabling your new investments to quickly generate a profit.

Industry-specific containers advice and guidance

If you are contemplating how your company is going to expand its facilities or perhaps worried whether or not you have the right idea in mind, our friendly experienced staff is ready with advice and guidance in regards to any kind of industry-specific container solution. Contact us today to talk about the possible solutions we can offer for your particular project.

FAQ about industry-specific containers

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    Can you supply a mobile industry-specific container?

    Yes -from building mobile welding-containers for pipework, a mobile test station, or even mobile noise-reduced containers, at DC-Supply A/S our experience and high level of expertise in designing and producing mobile industry container solutions gives us the confidence and knowhow to deliver the solution that you need. Feel free to contact our sales team for a chat about the possibilities of an industry-specific container solution for your particular company. Call us on +45 70231380 or write to us at info@dc-supply.dk

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    How long is the production time for an industry-specific container solution?

    At DC-Supply A/S – Danish Container Supply, we build all industry-specific container solutions in our own workshop. This enables us to deliver solutions efficiently and in a very short period of time. Generally, you will almost always experience a pleasantly short order to delivery time frame. Production time is of course influenced by the project’s technical level and complexity, but please contact our sales team to discuss your specific project. Then we can also give an estimate of a possible production time. Contact us here >>

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    Why should I choose a container solution for my industrial facilities?

    A container-based solution is very often a cost-effective method of establishing both new or expanding current industrial facilities. The unit can be tailored to you and your company and the specific industry. You will most often than not be pleasantly surprised on hearing our delivery times – resulting in your investment quickly starting to pay for itself. If you want to know more about the possibilities with industry-specific container solutions, contact DC-Supply A/S – Danish Container Supply by phone +4570231380 or e-mail info@dc-supply.dk. We are here and ready to help your industrial business move forward.


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