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Custom-built side door environmental container.

When handling potentially hazardous materials, environmental protection is essential, and this custom-built 20ft High Cube environmental container with side door opening is designed with this very purpose in mind.

The environmental container is – in addition to being equipped with side doors – fitted with several unique functions that ensure efficient handling of environmentally hazardous waste.

With a focus on reliability, safety and functionality, this type of container is the ideal choice for organizations looking for a robust and customized solution for use when working with hazardous materials and handling potentially environmentally harmful liquids.

Technical specifications

Insulation: The container is insulated with 70 mm insulation, and the walls, ceiling and doors are covered with 15 mm plywood. Combined with the heat pump, this ensures stable temperature control and protection of the materials stored inside.

Environmental basin: At the bottom of the container, a large basin has been installed, specially designed for the collection of chemicals. Strong grates ensure that the floor can be used for storing goods too. The environmental basin is dimensioned so that it can at least contain the largest unit that the client needs to store in the container, which in this case is an IBC tank. (A standard IBC tank has a capacity of 1,000 litres).

Electrical installation

The container is equipped with a carefully adapted electrical installation that meets the specifications and ensures efficient and safe use:

Connection: 32A 400V CEE plug IP65 with forward loop for easy connection.

Breaker panel: Includes residual current relay and 2 pcs. 10A groups IP65 to ensure a reliable power supply.

Circuit breaker: With 230V outlet under IP44.

Lighting: 2 pcs. LED ceiling luminaires IP65 ensure optimal lighting, even in difficult conditions.

Heat pump: A Nebula Nordic AS25 split system is installed to ensure stable temperature control and thus prevent stored chemicals from being exposed to frost.

Custom-built side door environmental container
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Advantages of a side door environmental container

Easy access: With the large side door opening, access to the container is easy when materials need to be frequently moved in and out of the container. The high cube container’s extra height also offers easier working conditions when handling goods.

Safe storage: The container offers a safe storage solution with specially designed environmental tubs and grates that protect against potentially environmentally hazardous spills.

Temperature control: The built-in heat pump ensures that chemicals are stored at optimal temperature conditions, and prevents frost.

Durable construction: The construction of the container with insulation and plywood protection guarantees durability and resistance to external influences.

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