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Construction site facilities

Here at DC-Supply we can supply customised residential and housing facilities for construction sites. Read more here.
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At DC-Supply, we manufacture custom-built residential solutions. We can supply customized residential and housing facilities for construction sites. DC-Supply can provide accommodation for a family or several hundred men. Whatever your need, we have the solution.
When a contractor requires living facilities for his craftsmen, he contacted DC-Supply. We can deliver a custom solution that covers all the needs of the employees. A container building that has a common dining room, kitchen, office, and a toilet, shower and changing room. For this construction site, we delivered a series of twelve linked containers and one storage container. The ground floor was built from eight linked containers with a kitchen, canteen, toilet, shower, and changing room for eight people per container. The 1st floor was composed of a kitchen, canteen, and meeting room.

The advantage of a modular solution is that the container buildings can be quickly scaled up or down as needed. ISO standard size of the modules is equal to a fast and smooth transport.

Technical specifications:
Stairs to the first floor

A common dining room, kitchen, office, and toilet, shower and changing room.

Canteen modules are furnished by the trailer regulations with tables, chairs, and refrigerators.
The offices are furnished with desks and chairs.

Give us a call or send an email if you have any questions, or would like advice. We are ready to help.
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