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40 ft container with liquid collecting tray and sound proofing.

Custom container solution based on a 40 ft ISO container – sound proofed and equipped with a steel collecting tray for secure handling of contaminated liquids.

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40 ft container with liquid collecting tray and sound proofing
40 ft container with liquid collecting tray and sound proofing
40 ft container with liquid collecting tray and sound proofing

Environmental container with sound proofing

The custom container solution, based on a 40 ft ISO container, has been adapted with flanges and specific cut-outs for a cooling system. Furthermore, in addition to the standard end opening container doors, a section with two windows and a door with an automatic door closer arm and locking cylinder is fitted to the long side.

The container also comes equipped with a steel waste and collection tray so that any contaminated water or flammable liquids can be handled efficiently, securely and stay environmentally safe.

When working with oils and chemicals, they must be handled safely to avoid damage not only to the environment, but also to protect the people that come in contact with the liquids. A collecting tray helps ensure that any potentially polluting liquids are properly collected and stored. A waste tray in steel, like the one this custom container solution comes equipped with, is a safe and secure solution when you need to work with flammable or environmental hazardous substances.

The noise reduction of the container has been designed and implemented in such a way that any machinery installed and operated inside the container will be noise dampened and thus interfere as little as possible with the surroundings.

At DC-Supply A/S – Danish Container Supply, we have extensive experience designing and producing custom container solutions for minimising any noise pollution, as well as for the secure and environmentally safe handling of any liquid spills, gas or other hazardous chemicals. If you need advice and guidance in setting up an oil or other chemical collection facility – or if you would like input on how a noise pollution problem could be solved in a custom container-based solution, our experienced staff are ready to help you. Please contact us today!

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