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20 foot containers

20-foot containers from DC-Supply A / S come as new and used ISO standard containers with CSC approval as well as double-door, side door, flatrack, open top and high cube containers. You can also choose an insulated container, refrigerated container or freezer container – and if the need for sea transport, our offshore containers are most likely the ideal solution.

All our 20 foot containers are in very robust design and are thus able to handle many years of diligent use wherever the task is done. The many types of models mean that a suitable solution can always be found, regardless of the type and size of the goods.

For example, temperature sensitive goods are secured with a cold-free container, both during transport and storage. In addition, DC-Supply A / S offers cooling containers with solar cells and battery – so the container is self-propelled and independent of external power supplies or other connections.

For oversized goods, either our flat rack or high cube 20 foot containers is a good solution. A container with side door opening or double-glazing also makes access easier in the case of goods of a more unmanageable or fragile type. We also offer double-size containers in offshore version, incl. chain processing.

At DC-Supply A / S, it is possible to buy and rent 20 foot containers, and we are always ready for advice and guidance in relation to your particular project.

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