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Flat rack containers

At DC-Supply, we offer flat rack containers in standard ISO 20 ft or 40 ft sizes with CSC approval. These types of containers are particularly suitable for oversized cargo, as they are fitted with gables and therefore can easily be loaded and unloaded from the top and from the sides.

Flat rack containers are available both with fixed gables and with collapsible gables. With sloping gates, the container can thus act as a platform when the load requires it, which gives great flexibility in relation to the dimensions of the goods. With a flat rack container, you will then be able to customise your container solution to a specific need, as it can work both as a platform but also as a closed container.

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Buy Flat Rack containers for handling large sized cargo

Flat rack containers are especially suitable for handling and transporting very large cargo such as heavy industrial equipment and/or agricultural machinery. At DC-Supply you can buy flat rack containers with CSC approval for sea transport, available in both 20 feet and 40 feet sizes. We always aim to offer fast and efficient delivery of flat rack containers ensuring that your transport chain is not delayed.

We have many years of experience, servicing the transport industry, not only delivering flat rack containers for handling large goods – but also transporting goods over very long distances. We have had the pleasure of delivering container solutions to many parts of the world, from Greenland in the North to Uganda in the South. If you have any doubts or are concerned about the possibilities transporting your specific type of oversized goods, our experienced staff will gladly assist you in mapping out different solutions. Contact us today to receive an excellent price on a flat rack container or any other container type for transporting large goods.

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