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Oil Drilling in Uganda

Oil drilling in Uganda takes place in remote areas where residential facilities are lacking.

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For several years, Mineral Services has collaborated with DC-Supply for the supply of equipment for local residential camps. Thus, Mineral Services operate the residential camps on behalf of the oil industry, and so far, DC-Supply has supplied 200 prefabricated dwellings and a variety of agency products, including everything from industrial kitchens to beds to shower cabins. The modular construction means that the accommodation can quickly be scaled up as needed. ISO standard size of the modules provides fast and smooth transportation on land and at sea. If the space available is limited, the containers can be stacked, so all facilities are within the required range.

Other residence containers from DC-Supply A/S:

Modular containers

Modular containers

There is no limit to the areas of use when it comes to modular containers from DC-Supply A/S!


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