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When Fårup Sommerland’s old funhouse had to be replaced, there were many different ways the new house could look.
Hurlumhejhus set udefra
Hurlumhejhus set indefra
The new funhouse had to be economically sustainable, but also provide the guests with a great experience.  An experience full of visual hallucinations, rolling and shaking floors, leaning walls, crawling bugs, and water that defied the force of gravity – nothing less than that would be acceptable.

“The floor moves when you least expect it, and the gusts of wind and sound help to create an eerie atmosphere. A few mirrors and barrels were picked from the old funhouse and were then equipped with modern technology that can play tricks on your senses.”

This is how Fårup Summerland described their new funhouse. Moreover, who would have thought that the foundation of such an experience is a DC-supply container? Nevertheless, that was the case, because DC-Supply delivered the crooked part of the shell in the form of two grouped containers.

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