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Mobile custom container

Mobile custom container to house whale skeleton for The North Sea Oceanarium.

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The North Sea Oceanarium in Hirtshals needed a container to house the skeleton of the beached 18-meter-long fin whale found in Blokhus. Therefore, DC-Supply provided two prefabricated 3 x 9 meter containers, which were combined to fit the whale. The back wall on the inside of the containers is covered with a photo showing the life-sized whale. Both DC-Supply’s containers and the skeleton can be separated, which makes them easy to transport, and allows The North Sea Oceanarium to move the skeleton to various locations. The containers were transported to the Zoologic Museum in Copenhagen on October 3, 2016. There, the skeleton was assembled inside the containers. After it was completed, the skeleton was transported to The North Sea Oceanarium in Hirtshals, where it has been on display since week 42, 2016. Plans to return the skeleton to Blokhus have already been set for week 28, 2017, where it will continue to be on display to the public.

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