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Office Container with Kitchen
DCS 2044

At DC-Supply, we offer an insulated 20ft ISO one room residence container with a kitchen and many applications.
DCS 2044
DCS 2044
DCS 2044
DCS 2044
A residence container with a kitchen works perfectly as a temporary kitchen container or as a room. It is practical and suitable for a construction site. It is also easy to move around if needed.


  • Full kitchen/dining room.
  • Usable as an office, kitchen, canteen, meeting room or the like
  • A good solution when the workers are far away from home
  • Meets requirements for eight people in combination with DCS Model 2052
  • Installation including dishwasher, ceramic cooktop, refrigerator, sink, cabinets, range hood, two heaters, ceiling lighting, ventilation, four 220v power outlets, and electrical connection 32A CEE
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