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At DC-Supply, we produce isolated 20ft ISO containers with two windows for many applications.

Kontorskurvogn med 2 vinduer
Kontorskurvogn med 2 vinduer indefra
Kontorskurvogn med 2 vinduer plan

A residence container is an ideal solution for a temporary office or a room container. It can be useful for construction sites where additional facilities are needed. Residence containers have the advantage that you get additional space and natural light from the two windows on the side of the container. It is possible to connect them with other containers, or as a pavilion. They can be moved easily as needed.


  • Suitable for offices, canteens, meeting rooms, etc.
  • Bright and friendly entrance
  • Meets trailer regulation requirements for eight people in combination with DCS Model 2052
  • Installation includes two heaters, ceiling lighting, ventilation and four 220V power outlets

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