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Sanitation and safety containers

DC-Supply A/S produces and delivers sanitation and safety containers to, for example, construction sites.
Sanitets- og sikkerhedscontainer udstyr
Sanitets- og sikkerhedscontainer
Sanitets- og sikkerhedscontainer interiør
A construction site must be planned and arranged so the work can be carried out in a safe manner. A well-equipped sanitary and safety container creates security at the construction site – if an accident occurs, help is close.

A safety container is typically based on a 10-foot standard container; however, it can also be delivered in an 8-foot size. The contents of the first aid equipment are customizable to your own preference – such contents include a first aid kit, eyewash, a collapsible stretcher, fire extinguisher and fire blanket, and much more.

The sanitation and safety container can be delivered with lights, ventilation, electric radiators and external power outlets. DC-Supply also facilitates deals to easily restock supplies, such as first aid kits.

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