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Workshop container for military use

The workshop container is based on our 20ft custom-built insulated container.
Reoler i militær værkstedscontaier
Militær værkstedscontainer indretning
Militær værkstedscontainer udefra
The workshop container for military use is equipped with powerful cabinet sections, workshop tables, workbenches, and cabinets. A milling machine, lathe, drill press, welding work, and other necessary equipment can also be installed. The workshop container can be fitted to different needs with respect to the workshop material and shelves for working machines. The inner sandwich panels are made of fire-retardant material. The exterior of the container is connected to the electricity supply through a built-in heavy steel box.

The entrance is equipped with a ramp and ladder. Furthermore, there is outdoor lighting that helps illuminate the ramp and crane area, and a crane for lifting materials, machinery and other equipment. The crane is fitted with the rail system in the container interior ceiling.


  • Electric heating panels
  • Option for further connection of electricity supply
  • Special built-in electrical panel for connecting heaters, sockets, etc.
  • Vinyl flooring extends 10 cm up the walls for easy cleaning.
  • The floor is provided with earthing
  • Front section and electrical installation prepared for the installation of air conditioning
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