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Container Complex for 60 People

Conference rooms, showers, toilets, and changing rooms
Skurby kantine
Skurby til 60 personer
Skurby opholdsrum
For a construction site, DC-Supply produced a custom-built container complex for sixty people, created out of our standard 20ft containers.

The container complex includes showers, toilets, and changing facilities, as well as conference rooms. Additionally, there is a dining room, which is large enough to fit all sixty people, and a kitchen with cupboards, sinks, and refrigerators.

The complex has two stories with stairs, and comes with a heat pump and complies with BR15.

Read about BR15 here >>

A container complex is convenient, easy to move, and can be combined with other modules as needed. At DC-Supply, we tailor our solutions to our clients’ respective needs, and we can deliver specially-equipped personnel containers for a variety of uses.

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