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Container with toilet, shower and kitchen – DCS 2031

At DC-Supply, we produce 20ft isolated ISO residential containers with kitchens, showers and toilets.
DCS 2031
DCS 2031
DCS 2031
DCS 2031

A 20ft insulated ISO residential container is a flexible solution, and can serve as a temporary workspace or temporary residence. If your current home is under construction or being renovated, a 20ft insulated ISO residential container will provide you with comfortable housing and sufficient space. It is also easy to secure against theft and can be cascaded with other containers and moved easily, if necessary.  

  • Suitable for offices, canteens, meeting rooms, residence, etc.
  • Insulated 20ft container with two compartments: a toilet/shower and a large living room with kitchenette
  • Kitchenette double upper and lower closet w/ shelves and kitchen sink
  • Installation includes three 220V power outlets, skylights, as well as light from windows in the gable
  • Supplied with 110mm drain and 1″ water connection
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