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Containers for sale and for rent

Need-to-know information regarding the selling and renting of containers:


    • You order then we pick-up and deliver the containers for you
    • You will know the price beforehand when you buy or rent a container from DC-Supply
    • With a rented container, you can easily, quickly, and inexpensively expand your storage space
    • DC-Supply both sells and rents out containers for a variety of purposes. For example, crew accommodation, toilet and bath facilities, meeting locales, and much, much more.
Container salg og udlejning til byggeplads
Container salg og udlejning
Many opportunities with the selling and renting of containers
At DC-Supply, we have a large selection of containers, both for sale and to rent. Buying or renting a container gives you an adaptable solution for problems such as a lack of crew accommodation or facilities for shorter or longer periods of time. We offer site huts with a toilet, a bath, and a kitchen. We can also deliver containers in the form of meeting locales, office facilities, and classrooms.

A flexible accommodation solution
If you find yourself in need of more accommodation space then you should consider either renting or buying a container-based solution. All housing solutions from DC-Supply are stable and modular, meaning that a solution can be modified and adapted to your unique needs, regardless of whether you buy or rent a container from us. Perhaps you can find inspiration in our section regarding “Special Containers” here on our website.

When it comes to housing solution, there are various interior design choices, such as adding a toilet, a bathroom, a changing room, kitchen facilities, and/or office facilities. At DC-Supply, you can connect standard modules as needed, and they are easy to move if, at a later date, you need to move to a different location. This is possible regardless of if the containers are purchased or rented.

At DC-Supply, we have much experience with the process of mobile container-based solutions for temporary accommodation – from conceptualization to production to the delivery of the solutions – both internationally and nationally. Our engineers, construction managers, carpenters, smiths, etc. make our solutions customized to each client’s specific requirements. Furthermore, due to the in-house nature of our production, we guarantee full oversight from start to finish.

Temporary Facilities
A great deal of our expertise concerns the establishment of temporary container facilities; in relation to, for example, renovations or building projects.

Experience shows that such projects often require the establishment of barracks, temporary office facilities for the construction managers, kitchen and dining facilities, dressing rooms, toilet and bath facilities, as well as potential common areas or meeting locales. The need for these various facilities changes according to the stages of the project. In the case of major renovation, it might even become necessary to house staff in temporary facilities for an extended period of time. In this instance, DC-Supply stands ready to fulfill your specific needs.

Together, we will assess your specific needs, and then customize a container solution that fulfills those needs. Naturally, it is up to you whether this solution is merely a rental or a purchased solution. We are confident that our experienced staff can help you in this regard as well.

How to buy or rent a container
If you are interested in learning more about our offers and products, we are always available either through phone or email. Alternatively, you can visit the “Book a container” page on our website, where you can specify the type of container needed and whether this is a rental or purchase. We will contact you shortly thereafter with a proposal for your unique container solution.

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