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Denmarks’ best mobile kitchen

Useful information about our mobile kitchens:


  • The largest mobile kitchen is composed of three 20ft containers
  • Has capacity for serving meals for 400 people at a time
  • Can accommodate four work stations
  • Can be combined with an existing canteen, if necessary
  • Possess a complete ‘cold’ and ‘hot’ kitchen, including dishwasher and refrigerator/freezer
  • Fully equipped with professional catering equipment. Convection and steam ovens, tilting kettles, frying pans, gas cooking range, deep fat fryer, etc.
  • The mobile kitchen only requires connection to power, bottled gas and water to be operational
  • Can be combined with offices, locker rooms, and the like as needed
  • Suitable for canteens, catering, kitchen companies, renovation projects, events and on construction sites
Danmarks bedste mobilkøkken
3D oversigt af Danmarks bedste mobilkøkken

Mobile Kitchen
Are you in need of a mobile kitchen? Perhaps you are facing a lengthy construction process or a thorough renovation of your institution’s canteen or kitchen. Then DC-Supply is ready to help. DC-Supply’s mobile kitchens are the largest in its category in the country. One of the reasons that DC-Supply’s mobile kitchens are different from other similar alternatives in the Danish market is the fact that DC-Supply’s mobile kitchens can cater for up to 400 people at a time, which is twice as many as other mobile kitchens.

Mobile kitchen’s content and opportunities
A DC-Supply mobile kitchen has everything your heart desires of kitchen equipment and is fully equipped when you receive it. The kitchen consists of containers that are put together, and only requires connection to power and drains to be operational as ordinary kitchens. The mobile kitchen can be added to containers with other features such as office, changing rooms or whatever you might need. It is possible to allocate a mobile kitchen for electricity, gas battery, water, drainage and gas. The mobile kitchens can almost always be connected within 24 hours.

A mobile kitchen from DC-Supply is suitable for canteens, catering, kitchen companies, renovation projects, events, construction sites and the like. DC-Supply’s mobile kitchen offers a very good alternative for those facing a rebuilding project. One of the reasons why a mobile kitchen from DC-Supply is an ideal solution is that other similar solutions on the market are generally incredibly expensive and rather cumbersome to set up compared the solutions provided by DC-supply.

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