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Custom containers for any need

Need-to-know about custom containers:


  • DC-Supply has Denmark’s greatest experience and expertise within the field of specialty custom containers
  • Our innovative solutions service all possible needs
  • With a custom solution from DC-Supply you are guaranteed an effective and flexible container solution
  • A custom container allows for easy, affordable, and expedient expansion of the solution’s capacity.
Bar container
TV studie i container
Unlimited possibilities and solutions
At DC-Supply, we are proud to deliver custom containers for a variety of needs. Our competent and experienced staff are ready to help you throughout the development and production of your customized container solution.

DC-Supply consists of a strong team of engineers, construction managers, designers, smiths, and administrative personnel. Our high level of technical know-how and our excellent teamwork skills enable us to construct and produce customized containers to a very high technical standard. Concurrently, we are known for an exceptional level of engineering paired with a unique customer service, as our customers should always be able to trust that, with DC-Supply, they will always receive a customized solution that is smart, innovative, and cost-efficient.

A specialty container is – special!
Accommodation, sales stand, fair stand, bar, refrigeration, TV-studio, classroom, workshop, shelter, ice cream stand, dog kennel, sawmill, bicycle shed, ATM, exhibition room for a whale skeleton – only your imagination limits the possibilities for a specialty container. DC-Supply is proud to have delivered all of the above-mentioned solutions.

At DC-Supply the climate poses no challenge. A number of our solutions have traveled as far as Afghanistan, Uganda, the Faroe Islands, Greenland, as well as to the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Both high and low temperatures challenge the engineering quality and functionality of aspects such as power supply and sanitation. When a specialty container solution, such as this, is needed to create a shelter in Nuuk, in Greenland, it also has to comply with local building regulations.

One of our latest additions to the DC-Supply family is the in-house developed hydraulic action container, which can be controlled via a built-in console. The hydraulic container can be used for various purposes, such as a bar, sales or fair stand, and can be customized and further developed for the exact needs of the customer.

You can see a selection of our specialty container solutions on our website under the menu option “Custom Builds”.

How to get started
If you are interested in learning more about what we can offer you, please call us or send us an email. Alternatively, you can visit the “Book a container” page on our website, where you can specify the type of container needed and whether this is a rental or purchase. We will contact you shortly thereafter with a proposal for your unique container solution.

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