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Control units

The customer required a complete control unit for controlling the factory.
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The customer’s expertise is in the construction of industrial plants. The customer needed a controller for operating the plant functions, as well as a panel control unit that could contain control panels. The control and monitoring unit needed to have visibility of the factory. The monitoring container was to be placed on site, on top of the control panel container.

DC-Supply delivered a solution of two 20ft control unit containers for controlling the factory. The customer can focus on building machines and control systems for the factory. The control units can be separated and moved on the same day. The units are available in the customer’s preferred color and insulation.


  • A 20ft standard container rebuilt with steel door insulation. Prepared for the installation of control panels.
  • A 20ft special unit container with insulated panels, windows on all sides, and a large window which provide an overview of the factory area.
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