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Denmark’s Biggest Stage Wall

The Jean Michel Jarre AERO concert in Northern Jutland in 2002 was a tribute to windmills, and was therefore located at a wind turbine park in an open field.
Scenevæg færdigsopstillet
Scenevæg opbygning
Scenevæg opbygning undervejs
It was in a marsh-like area, so when building the scene wall, calculations of wind pressure on both sides had to be made.

Thirty-six containers (20x30m) were stacked on top of each other and next to each other; this was the starting point of the stage wall. DC-Supply provided Jean Michel Jarre AERO concert with a solution that could quickly and safely be built up and removed.

The container wall consisted of thirty-six containers, twenty-four of which were 40ft containers. They were stacked in seven layers. Behind the front wall was a counterweight of containers perpendicular to the wall.  Collectively, the wall consisted of approximately 300 tons of containers, including the ballast which was necessary to equip on the bottom containers.

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