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Diving Platform for Halsskov Færgehavn

– including changing rooms and toilet facilities.

Halsskov Færgehavn has recently opened the first stage of the new watersports center, which, according to Slagelse Kommune, is going to define the harbor area in the future.

In relation to the abovementioned, DC-Supply in close cooperation with the architects, constructed a 9-meter-high diving platform out of three stacked 40’ High Cube containers. Diving can take place from the second or third container, with the highest point being about 11 meters.

A specially constructed steel frame keeps the asymmetrical diving platform anchored to a strong foundation. Furthermore, the platform has been mounted with external lights.

The goal is to extend the platform to a final height of 27 meters. When the next stage of construction begins has not yet been determined.

Along with the diving platform, DC-Supply delivered changing rooms and toilet facilities in the form of two 20’ containers. Externally, the containers are cladded with Thermowood. The cladding incorporates lights that connect the facilities to the platform. Furthermore, a stainless-steel table has been mounted for the use of divers. In addition, outdoor showering facilities are also included. Both containers are mounted with skylights.

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