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Fire safety in container solutions: Get expert advice from DC-Supply A/S.

Get professional and competent advice about fire safety in container solutions at DC-Supply A/S – Danish Container Supply! For half a year, we have had an employee on training in fire safety at DBI fire and security, and Project Manager and Building Designer Nicolai Gundahl Sørensen has now passed the CFPA Europe Fire Safety: Technical cycle diploma course, becoming certified Fire Protection Manager CFPA-E.

This has particularly equipped him in relation to the function-based fire requirements in BR18, just as he has acquired skills in:


  • Risk assessment
  • The building regulations’ fire requirements
  • Fire requirements of the Emergency Response Act
  • Rules for the storage of explosive materials
  • Fire safety strategy
  • Active fire protection
  • Passive fire protection.

If a container solution is to meet specific requirements for fire safety, you can now be sure to receive competent advice in fire safety at DC-Supply A/S. This applies both in relation to advising you as a customer, but also in when discussing fire safety with authorities and other professional groups who may be involved in the project.

CFPA-E diploma Nicolai Gundahl Sørensen, DC-Supply A/S
Nicolai Gundahl Sørensen advises on fire safety in containers at DC-Supply A/S

Facts about the CFPA Fire Safety: Technical Cycle diploma course:
The Fire Protection Manager CFPA-E training takes about 6 months at DBI – Danish Fire and Security Institute, and includes both theory and practical exercises. It concludes with a written and an oral exam. In order to receive a CFPA diploma, it is a prerequisite that the student have both passed the exam with a satisfactory result and have participated in all of the modules of the education. The training also forms the documentation basis for certification for class 2 fire advisor.

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Fireproof advice from skilled experts at DC-Supply A/S

Fireproof advice from skilled experts

At DC-Supply A/S, we have extensive experience and expertise designing and building custom container solutions at a high technical level – and with an unparalleled level of craftsmanship. In our internal technical department, you will meet a strong team of engineers, building designers, machinists and technical draftsmen who work closely with both the production team and sales department to meet our customers’ individual wishes and needs.

Are you ready for a container-based project, but lack competent and qualified advice about e.g. fire safety and fireproofing – or would you like to know more about the countless possibilities with custom-built containers – then please contact us. You can also read more about how to buy a custom-built container from us. We look forward to helping you!

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Contact us - we are read to help.
Our strong experienced team is ready to support and advise you with your next container project. Please get in touch, if you would like to know more.

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