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Flexible, modular accommodation for construction sites

Flexible accommodation for construction sites
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DC-Supply’s flexible accommodations are an effective solution at construction sites allowing the workers to focus on the task and minimises transport time. Crew accommodation is modular and allows you to have all the facilities available: offices, toilets, showers, and living spaces, all nearby the worksite.
ISO standard size of the modules is synonymous with fast and smooth transport on land and at sea. Crew containers from DC-Supply are stackable, easily moved, and easy to put together into one cohesive unit. DC-Supply has evolved its own staircase system made of aluminum, which is highly flexible and suitable for use when the containers are stacked. This provides effortless access to all the facilities.

With modular crew accommodations, it is possible to change the layout during the course of a project as the container layout can easily and quickly be scaled up or down.

The accommodation containers are all equipped with solid locks that are insured at the highest security level so that the worker’s properties are safely locked away.

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