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Kennel Container

The kennel container is a customised standard 20ft ISO container fitted with dog cages.

The containers are specially designed with room for up to six dogs in separate cages with associated outdoor enclosure. The container is insulated with fire-retardant sandwich panels. Built with anti-slip aluminum flooring with drainage to a central container, and heated floors for to provide the dogs with the best conditions regardless of the weather.

In order for the container to have a long lifetime, the interior walls and partitions are made of easily cleanable and durable materials. The rear section is prepared for the installation of two air conditioning systems, which provide efficient cooling.

The container is optimised for gas sealing, including gastight ship doors and access hatches to the kennel yard. Each dog cage has an access panel to the enclosure and a double container for water and food bowls. Above the cages, there are shelves with transport nets.


  • Awnings over both the container and the enclosure to minimize solar heating
  • Awning and dog enclosure can be packed into the container for transportation
  • Built-in refrigerator, water heater and hand basin
  • Hose reels for rinsing the container after use
  • Water supply and electricity supply is external and at the front of the container

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