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Locking bar class 2 approved.

A locking bar is an effective locking mechanism for containers; it is a relatively simple security system that ensures that the cargo is protected.

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The locking bar was developed in order to secure office and workshop containers, as well as the storage of goods. The locking bar is also suitable for protection of industrial gates, accommodations containers, and the like. It is particularly suitable for stationary elements, but can also be used for securing cargo under transport. The locking bar is SKAFOR-approved  and assigned top certifications approval by the Danish Insurance Association in accordance with report no. 132.0 / 87. The locking bar comes with a hardened CISA lock and burglarproof lock cylinder, securing your goods against burglary and unwelcome guests.

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Mavako 3800i

Mavako 3800i

Grade 5 approved
With this safety function and approval of the new insurance requirements on Jan. 1, 2016, your goods are provided with the best protection against burglary and unwelcome guests.

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Mavako 3600

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Provide your goods with the best protection against burglary and unwelcome guests.


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