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Mobile Stage in Repurposed Shipping Container

Combined mobile stage-and-practice solution.
Mobil scene lukket frontparti
Mobil scene
Mobil scene som øvelokale
In a collaboration between Himmerlands Boligforening, Kulturhuset Trekanten, and DC-Supply, two repurposed shipping containers were transformed into an integrated stage-and-practice solution. The project is funded by Kulturkanten Nordjylland, Nykredits Fond, DC-Supply, and Aalborg Havn.

The container solution has been named “The Stage,” and is comprised of two interconnected 20ft shipping containers that create an area of 5×6 m (30m2). We built the project in-house at our facility in Nørresundby. In the process, the containers have been soundproofed and have had air conditioning and “plug-and-play” power outlets installed. The front of the container has glass doors, making it possible to open up the front, creating the stage.

“The Stage” belongs to Boligforeningen Himmerland, and is located at Trekanten in eastern Aalborg for most of the year. In the summer, the mobile unit is moved to the harbor front, where it provides the opportunity for musicians to present their music to the public in the heart of town. Through this, the former containers create cultural links between the eastern and central parts of Aalborg.

Bands, organisations, and private citizens can book “The Stage” through Kulturhuset Trekanten. In everyday use, the container functions as an extra practice space for Trekanten, but the mobility of the solution also makes it possible to rent it out for private functions and events at other locations. With this solution, the stage is literally set no matter where you go.

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