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Paint blending facility in a container

The customer needed a paint facility for a wind turbine company in the United States.
Blandingsanlæg container med udsugning
Blandingsanlæg container transporteres
Blandingsanlæg container
The cost of permanent buildings would be too high, so we wanted to find an economically sensible solution in a safe, responsible way that lived up to Siemens’ particular needs and could be moved and transported by request.

DC-Supply delivered a 40ft custom-built container, which was built as a mixing pump system for painting wind turbines in the United States. The container was built by the ATEX directive based on American installations. The container was further divided into three security zones. DC-Supply was responsible for all installation work, which followed the customer’s specifications. Container ventilation systems were tested, prepared for shipment, and packed in the container during transportation to the factory.

The mixing pump unit was constructed based on the location and use of a wind turbine factory in the United States.

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