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School kitchen

When Hjørring’s production school’s kitchen and recreational facilities had to be expanded and renovated over a span of five months, the students from the kitchen education needed a space to make lunch for all students and staff.
Produktions skole køkken
Produktions skole køkken udefra
Produktions skole køkken indefra
The temporary recreational- and kitchen facilities needed to be located near the school cafeteria.

The temporary kitchen was placed close to the existing facilities, allowing for the normal classes to continue without great disturbance. In collaboration with DC-Supply, the customer got a complete kitchen and recreation unit.

DC-Supply often supplies solution containers in stainless steel, including mobile kitchens for summer’s many music festivals, and, therefore, have the experience when it comes to creating optimal and sustainable solutions. In respect to financials, households, cleaning, and maintenance, the solution is convenient and easy for the customer.

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