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Welcoming area at the Port of Aalborg

When cruise ships arrive at Aalborg, a unique view awaits them.
Velkomstområdet på Aalborg Havn fra siden
Velkomstområdet på Aalborg Havn set fra byen
Velkomstområdet på Aalborg Havn
Aalborg is, in fact, one of the few stops on their trip where they can step directly from  the ship straight into the center of the city. Upon arrival, the many guests have typically been travelling for several days or weeks. A welcoming area was needed to welcome tourists and give them a good first impression of Aalborg.

In collaboration with DC-Supply, a new welcoming area was produced,  consisting of four containers covered with wood, 200 meters of fence, and shelter in the form of a sail. The containers are used for a souvenir shop and as a city information center.

The containers have a simple and stylish design. The wooden surface radiates warmth and fits in naturally with the beautiful surroundings of the seaport. The containers are mobile, and can be put up and taken down from season to season.

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